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  • Winko replied to the topic Track Day next week in MGF/TF Pitstop
    Wet track with sleet? Sounds like my honeymoon night....

    Removing the fuse will disable the EPAS, but you'll almost certainly have a dash warning light on. That's the only negative I think. If you're going to spend most of your time trackside, you can bypass the system to get rid of the dash light. Whilst on the circuit, just put a bit of tape over the light, so you're not distracted.

    If you've not already done so, switch the clock and oil temperature gauges, so oil's nearer your eye line. It's a 5 minute job.

    If you didn't get round to fitting the front splitter, leave the spare wheel in place under the bonnet. The extra front end weight helps cornering balance and therefore lap time, more than having a lighter car.

    Let us know how your day goes.

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