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  • May I send you warnings or require information about things occur fron your side???!!!.....
    I bought my first TF in Kent in 2011, was able to REG it by gathering a COC, (passing then) a contrôle technique,  a quitus fiscal added to the bill of sale - THAT BEING AT A TIME WITH PREFECTURE AGENTS!
    Nowadays, it's online sercices, so nobody to speak to ("noname" buddies).... with mad ones, unaware about MG Rover story.... Telling each time various rantings about MG (although many sites links given to send them back to reality) & fluctuating "new" rules, wishing me to pay 90€ for a DREAL check, which is cheaper than the MGR C&C document whose watermarked paper doesn't appear thru a data scan file!!!!!
    So, that is to point my Somerset 2005 TF.... sourced via Ebay in September 19, 15 months ago.. is still on UK plates...
    After my previous 2003 TF insurance company loss (1 month delay until you need new documents of your own) I was lucky to find another company (not having no document to give once month gone) that could cover me the whole year (& once again last September)... so, just have furfther on to get the second CT (french CT/MOT being two yrs period  <<<<< BTW, they don't require anymore the COCs!!!!!).
    So, finally, I would say (don't buy a COC too quickly, as ANTS online people don't trust them, as DREAL is even cheaper!
    Bonne chance & patience pour votre immatriculation.... Merci de me tenir au courant (je suis encore à en avoir besoin pour revendre l'auto)....
    Olivier & sa TF115 _ contact TF160 chez ________
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