Alarm System - How to test.

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The alarm system can be self tested as follows:-

Access to the self test facility is obtained as follows:-

(The steps 2 to 4, must be completed within 2 seconds, in order to induce the ECU to enter the self test mode. Any longer, and you will need to start again)

1) The vehicle must be in disarmed mode, unlocked and with the ignition switched off.

2) Lock the driver's door using the driver's door sill button.

3) Turn the ignition ON, OFF then ON again and leave it ON.

4) Unlock the driver's door using the driver's door sill button.

Confirmation that the test mode has been successfully entered is given by the horn sounding a short beep. Once in self test mode, the volumetric sensor (if fitted) is powered up and the vehicle is in an immobilised state.

If an ECU input is then seen to become active i.e. to go from an open circuit to a short circuit (or earthed) condition, the security LED will give a short flash to indicate this.

When the system is in the self test mode, operation of the appropriate switch by moving the associated panel or linkage will instigate the test on each of the following circuits;

1) Driver's door courtesy light switch.
2) Passenger door(s) courtesy light switch.
3) Bonnet open switch.
4) Boot open switch.
5) Driver's door key barrel switch. (Not on 100 models)
6) Boot key barrel switch (Not on 100 models)
7) Driver's sill button "up" switch.
8) Driver's sill button "down" switch.

Switch tests need not be made in any particular sequence and any or all may be tested as required.

Correct operation of the circuit being tested will be denoted by the single flash of the security LED and the same circuit may be tested repeatedly if necessary.
The self test mode can be terminated at any point by switching off the ignition.

Failure of the ECU to enter the test mode will probably indicate that it is not receiving inputs from either the ignition power supply or the driver's door sill button switches.


The test facility may also be used to check the operation of te volumetric sensor, either ultrasonic or Doppler microwave (if fitted), by performing the following;

With the system in self test mode and the remote handset previously programmed and synchronised to the vehicle being tested, press the unlock button once.
The ECU will now disregard inputs from it's associated switches, and will instead, give a confirmation flash on the security LED to indicate that the volumetric sensor has been triggered, the action of which can usually be induced by waving a hand in front of the sensor.
The self test mode can be terminated by switching off the ignition.

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