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  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'Ticking over but no ignition' in the forum.

    Does it have 4 plug leads that come from the nearside of the engine and disappear under the top cover of the engine?

  • Shlabloink replied to the topic 'Ticking over but no ignition' in the forum.

    It's a 1.8 mpi. I'm not sure about the distributor or coilpack over sparks, but there is only one belt on the offside.

    Sorry I'm not too helpful, this is my first car, so I'm learning as I go.

    I'm in the Braintree area.


  • Fatbaldingoldgit replied to the topic 'Seat Belt Bolt Size' in the forum.

    That's because 7/16 UNF is 20 TPI (Threads Per Inch) and M12 x 1.25 is 20.32 TPI (25.4/1.25)..It should be a slightly better fit in the M12 x 1.25....

  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'Down at a tube station at midnight' in the forum.

    Good luck on your journey. :yesnod: Don't let Allan fit any umbrellas to your car! :coat:

  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'Ticking over but no ignition' in the forum.

    The first thing we need to find out is what version of engine and engine management is it? Does it have a distributor, or coilpacks on top of the plugs? Is it a VVC or mpi? Does it have a timing belt at each end of the engine or just the offside?

    Next question is where are you? There may be someone nearby who could assist.

  • Denial created a new topic ' Down at a tube station at midnight' in the forum.

    Once more i'll be journeying into the unknown tomorrow, and as per the title of my post i will be quite literally down at a tube station at midnight. Following on from my last great journey down to see Ariel. I'll be boarding a train around 17.00 tomorrow, leaving the disused Victorian cotton mills of Burnley behind me, and on my way to the bright lights of Manchester for the first leg of my journey. At 22.00 i'll then be boarding another train for the second leg of my trip from Manchester down to the United Peoples Republic of London. Upon my arrival at London Euston, once i have passed through immigration and passport control, I will hopefully be meeting The-T-Bars very own AdamElphick :broon: and completing a black market deal for a pair of sideskirts. Transaction complete, its then down onto the tube for stage 3 and across london to Paddington station. Departing the United Peoples Republic of London again via train on my last stage of the journey to rural Wiltshire and Swindon to meet the diesel destroyer himself. Assuming i can stay awake for the rest of the day i should be leaving on Friday with a completed set of modded wing mirrors for my build :clap:

  • Shlabloink created a new topic ' Ticking over but no ignition' in the forum.


    This is my first time posting here as I'm new to the MG family. I bought a 2000 MGF X-reg in March this year and have slowly been restoring her to her former glory. She has been running fine for the past few months until Sunday when she just refused to start. She is ticking over but won't start. I've been doing some research and came to the conclusion it was the immobilisor and Key fob being out of sync. So, after purchasing a new battery, following the re-sync instructions and trying again, she still won't start. I've checked the spark plugs (which are brand new) and the leads (also new) as well as the fuel intake (there is fuel going through, you can smell it when ticking over) and I'm stumped. I've looked on the forums but can't see anything similar being written about this. Any ideas? Or if you know the problem and a fix?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'What I did yesterday' in the forum.

    Should be find some PROPER Cumberland sausage. :yesnod: Some of the rubbish purporting to be the real deal is depressing.
    Should be a big coil , not links, should also be 98% meat with the rest being seasoning.

  • really? thanks user 'Plezier' in the forum message ' "Blue 33" so now named.'.
  • really? replied to the topic 'A cunning plan' in the forum.

    i could do with pop out wellies that slowly lower from the door base. :yesnod:

  • really? replied to the topic 'seat repair' in the forum.

    of course, it's or telephone 01752 893368

    it's one guy and 2 staff, business has been there twenty odd years.. really helpful.
    when i had the seat bolster repaired he gave the choice of material to match OEM or the UV faded original trim, cabriolets parked with their roof down in the sun.. B)
    the workshops are clean and they don't do anything else, just hoods and trimming.
    i love going in there just to see what they're working on, last time they had an immaculate '81 Lancia Monte Carlo :yesnod:

  • carlvk thanks user 'tjdonc' in the forum message ' Hydragas News'.
  • Plezier replied to the topic '"Blue 33" so now named.' in the forum.

    Well am feeling a bit daft right now. After rain stopped play once it cleared up got outside to do some more. Got underneath and fitted the belly pan then noticed a bit of broken wire by the boot hinge so cut a bit from the Dnor VVC and spliced it in the used the plastic ribbed sleeving from the donor to protect it. Then of all the stupid things put the engine acces cover back along with the sound proofing an carpet but forgott o fitt eh TF 135 air fitler box tot eh mounting bracket that i fitted before the rain :doh: :oops: .

    Brakes I am still thinking of fitting larger ones but due to the costs of buying a kit ready made will have to have a go at knocking up the adaptor brackets my self. Am looking at calipers with a slightly large piston which should increase the braking effort I beleive. There is an old set of Rover 75 discs and aclipers in the garage but I fear the calipers are too large. They are great hulking things by ATE. Am thinking that the Rover 820 or 623 caplipers might be better size wise. Just if I can make somethign up to take the carriers and fir them to the hubs and get clearance for the wheels.

    Hoping to get across to the breakers and get a couple of old discs and possibly a caliper to play with before getting something new.

  • Leigh Ping replied to the topic 'What I did yesterday' in the forum.

    I've tasked me Julie with a 'find some Cumberland sausages' mission after reading this post. :lol:

    Anyway, it's far, far better to be a saint than one of the numerous sinners out there. ;)

  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'What I did yesterday' in the forum.

    New head gasket, simples! :yesnod:
    Oh and he really hates all that saint nonsense! :P

  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'A cunning plan' in the forum.

    I'd have thought with a Rolls Royce, someone would rush out with an umbrella and protect you automatically! :bust:

  • Diesel Destroyer replied to the topic 'A cunning plan' in the forum.

    I didn't say it was my idea James...

    Most of the stuff on my car has been pinched off other cars..

    Not just Rolls.. Skoda and VW have done it too.. Plus others I expect..

  • Mickle5 replied to the topic 'FRL 2015' in the forum.

    I will be there :drive: sadly little red won't be doing it again this year, but my new (to me) little white will :lol:

  • Hoppy thanks user 'Leigh Ping' in the forum message ' MGF/TF windstop original MGF mesh type'.
    poppy looks great well done
    2 years ago
  • Hoppy replied to the topic 'MGF/TF windstop original MGF mesh type' in the forum.

    Thank you for pointing this out, I have updated my item.

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