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  • bryan young replied to the topic 'Anyone added a passanger airbag.' in the forum.

    My 96 F was fitted with a passenger Air Bag from new, I presume the previous owner ordered it as a factory extra.

    I understood that it was an additional ECU that had to be fitted to control the passenger air bag.

  • bryan young replied to the topic 'What's your front subframe rust proofed with?' in the forum.

    I did mine on my F with POR15 from Frosts, its a one pack polyurethane paint that is many times better than Hammerite, nothing will touch it after it has cured. it is a thick coating paint and two coats make a wonderful job - coat the insides with wax oil.

    I also used the POR15 derusting treatment first. I also coated the new lower arms with POR15 before fitting. not cheap but very good, can be bought in small tins to avoid any waste.

    Despite the comments it is not advisable to Hot dip galvanise a sub frame, the heat generated by immersing into molten zinc will distort the frame.

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  • Denial replied to the topic 'Hi newbie from Plymouth Devon' in the forum.

    Hiya Thomas and welcome aboard, great read and pics, TF160's are currently selling on ebay anywhere between £1000 and £2000 so you should have more then enough money to find a really good example. Real shame about your last MG but as a previous owner at least you'll know what to look for this time around. Good luck in your search and i'll look forward to seeing your new MG when you find one, good luck

  • thomas created a new topic ' Hi newbie from Plymouth Devon' in the forum.

    Hi people my names Thomas and I live in Plymouth Devon.

    I am looking for an MG TF 160 and am currently saving up.
    I have had many many british cars and currently own a Rover 75.
    I am putting my 75 on classic insurance in february and will be using the TF as a daily driver.

    I have actually had an MG TF 160 before and suffered head gasket failure.
    I didnt have the money at the time to send it to be repaired so I started sourcing parts.
    My brothers girlfriend then needed it off her drive so I had to sell it.

    I have decided to get another TF as I have a 75 which is a normal car and am insured to drive to work in my dads Honda Civic.
    I thought I might aswell go for something totally different.
    My TF wasnt the best condition as it had started to go rusty around the ends of the sills.
    Also it had an advisory for the subframe.
    I should have £2500-£3000 saved up by february but will most likely have that before christmas.

    Im wanting a hardtop but im not sure that id really use it.

    Here are a few pictures of my old TF







    We had some storms and I didnt clip the roof down properly and it was soaked through.
    My dad told me to bring it to his work as they had a dehumidifier.
    It stayed there for a few days.
    I took these pictures just before putting it in the hovercraft hanger







    Thanks for reading

  • john and Jake the dog replied to the topic 'Wocha bin doin on your MG this week then?' in the forum.

    Hi, dropped the front subframe today. Went quite well considering I only have a drive, a jack and two axle stands. One rear mounting bolt rounded but a hammered on socket got that. Snapped one other rear bolt so I guess I'm drilling that and fitting a nut and bolt.

  • Denial replied to the topic 'What's your front subframe rust proofed with?' in the forum.

    Hiya John, most people use hammerite for the subframes, other alternatives include powder coating or even galvanising

  • Leigh Ping replied to the topic 'FRL 2015' in the forum.

    Event posted. Good luck. :broon:

  • john and Jake the dog created a new topic ' What's your front subframe rust proofed with?' in the forum.

    Hi, had my 2003 tf a few weeks now and after some reading I thought it was time to drop the front subframe, strip it and rustproof all the bits.
    Using a wire brush and Kurust but what should I paint the frame and hubs etc with.

  • Denial thanks user 'RU58ALL' in the forum message ' Down at a tube station at midnight'.
  • AndiMac replied to Best roads to properly drive...

    I've only just got my tf 160 sprint and I've been belting around the South Downs around the Brighton area, loads of fun.

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  • RU58ALL replied to the topic 'Down at a tube station at midnight' in the forum.

    What a great tale ..... kind of renews your faith in man kind when you hear stories like this. As my wife put it 'a lot of you are really quite committed to what you do with those little cars aren't you' I guess we are in different ways.

    A great tale and like others i can't wait to see the end results.

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  • Davem thanks user 'Denial' in the forum message ' Down at a tube station at midnight'.
  • Rich in Vancouver replied to the topic 'Anyone added a passanger airbag.' in the forum.

    That should do it James. Might be worth taking a peek under the dash to make sure the harness is in place.

    Funny, the passenger airbag is one of those things you hope never to use but it sure makes my wife happy that it's there on the rare occasions she agrees to ride in the MGF. I find it baffling that it was an option rather than standard equipment.

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