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  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'Code Reader' in the forum.

    As Adam says above, only MGFs from 2000/2001 on work with OBD2 readers. In other words mems3 ecu cars. Otherwise the options are as Adam highlights. :yesnod:

  • CR41G replied to the topic 'Code Reader' in the forum.

    I think its any car made after 1997 is fitted with odb2 anything prior is odb1 .
    for the tf I bought an odb2 code reader for 15 quid its basic but a great tool . I can read codes check certain systems like 02 sensors etc and I can clear system faults and turn off engine manager light .. my local garage charges 50 quid just to plug it in read the fault code and clear it and turn the enginw management light off so its paid for itself 100 times over already

  • CR41G replied to the topic 'Starter problem - solenoid switch?' in the forum.

    Ive posted this on another thread earlier but anyway I had a similar issue but most of the time when I turned the key there was either clicking or nuthing at all . The ignition lights come on and do not dim when you turn the key to start.

    turned out to be a duff spade connector on the solnoid of the starter . I replaced the duff connecter with a new one and cleaned up the male terminal on the solnoid and while I was at it cleaned up the large starter wire connection and all has been fine since.

  • adamelphick replied to the topic 'Code Reader' in the forum.

    Only cheapish options are a T300 or the new scanner for PC/Mac/Linux

  • steve51800 created a new topic ' MGF Suplex dampers for sale' in the forum.

    So my Trophy 160 is suffering from a leakin sphere losing pressure, having to pump it up once every couple of weeks to get over the speed humps.
    Have bit the bullet and going to fit the suplex kit but use Gaz shocks instead of the suplex units.
    Guess the question is, to offset the cost of the conversion, is anybody out there thats already on suplex interested in a spare set of the standard set up dampers??

  • Bill.Hodgkinson replied to the topic 'Code Reader' in the forum.

    Unfortunately that doesn't work on older MG's, about pre 2000 I think though I can't remember the exact dates.

  • CR41G created a new topic ' instrument cluster bulbs' in the forum.

    I want to change the instrument cluster bulbs to blue I no the wank orange tinted plastic has to come out but what type of bulb is used ?? And im guessing theyll be available in blue??

    Im changing the mirror lights and footwell lights to blue and thought the clocks goin blue would also be a nice touch.

    was also thinking of full black leather interior but now more swaying towards the half black leather with blue fabric centre to continue the blue theme.

  • FrenchTF replied to the topic 'Code Reader' in the forum.

    If you have a Smartphone or Tablet running Android download the free 'Torque' app and buy a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter for a couple of quid on the Internet. Not MG specific but very useful and can also give you real-time info. Mine has been a great help solving problems on the TF, a diesel Picasso and a Suzuki 4x4!

    On the TF it plugs into the OBD socket above the fuse box under the removable panel under the wheel - not sure on th F.

  • Bill.Hodgkinson created a new topic ' Sulking MGs' in the forum.

    Hi all,

    After a summer that started so well with the joy of my MG and trips planned including to the Scottish Highlands, things went a bit astray when I had an accident (NOT in the MG!!) where I tripped over a kerb and fell wrong breaking my shoulder joint .... so not such a good summer was had after all :doh:

    Anyway, the upshot of this is that the MG has been sulking ever since I managed to get back on the road about a month ago. The latest incarnation of this was when the radiator sprang a leak (some body had previously used some form of rad weld and it appears that gave way). I stopped pretty sharpish and got relayed back home. The rad was replaced pretty easily (an easy job on an MG?? I didn't think it was possible!!), and I'm certain no damage was done to the engine or HG.

    However ... since getting back on the road (again) the water temperature gauge seems to have stopped working properly (it never gets above the bottom two marks now, it did before) and the rad fan doesn't appear to be working (I'm not too sure this ever has worked looking back now). All the fuses are intact for the fan, so I'm thinking the relay has gone. I know you can take the relay out and put a wire across the contacts to check that everything else is working, but I'm not sure which pins / slots to wire across, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Also, with the water temp gauge, could the sensor have got damaged when the MG had her sulk and got all thirsty? Is there an easy(ish) way of testing this? or is there a more likely reason for the sudden lowering of the temperature?

  • tjdonc created a new topic ' Code Reader' in the forum.

    Not had need of it in 15 months had 'Myfanwy' but can anyone recommend a code reader for a 1997 1.8 VVC ? also were do they plug in ?

  • mgtfbluestreak replied to the topic 'Starter problem - solenoid switch?' in the forum.

    possibly alternator faulty not charging battery causing the starter to run slow or just click.....or dodgy battery,or maybe its a slipping alternator belt......a lot of batteries are renewed this time of year sounds like you need to do a bit of investigation :tapfoot:

  • mgtfbluestreak thanks user 'c.steffan' in the forum message ' Starter problem - solenoid switch?'.
  • CR41G replied to the topic 'Red TF with ghost number plates.' in the forum.

    You will have to update us with that the sheep lovers say mate . My mate had this with his fiesta zetec s police came to his house to arrest him for leaving the scene of a traffic collision .. only realised his car had been cloned when they saw it parked on the drive un marked but still went to his work the next day ro view the cctv to prove his car was at work when the accident occured

  • john and Jake the dog created a new topic ' Front wing fitting.' in the forum.

    Hi, is it possible to replace a front wing without removing the front bumper or light on a TF.
    Having had a few run ins with rusty bolts on the subframe, I would prefer to lessen the number of sheared bolts.

  • FrenchTF replied to the topic 'Plug Life' in the forum.

    A quick Google seems to show that NLPs are original equipment - but I'd never heard of them before!
    Happy with the new NGKs, which seem crisp and also seem to have cured a slight hesitation from cold.

  • c.steffan created a new topic ' Starter problem - solenoid switch?' in the forum.

    Dear guys,
    fitted a new starter about two years ago, worked fine all the times - till now.
    Since a few weeks our TF sometimes clicks only and doesn't start. Today I had to try ten minutes to start it.
    It happens if the engine is cold or hot, even after a longer run.
    Sounds like the solenoid switch doesn't work.
    I'm planning to change the starter once more as it's not too expensive. Any other ideas?
    Thank you in advance

  • CR41G replied to the topic 'Exhaust' in the forum.

    Ive got a cybox stainless steel exhaust on mine.
    cybox is what remains of the old peco exhaust company and the build quality was great!!
    Throttle response seems to have inproved and the car just feels quicker.
    the noise it produces is rather disapointing even though it is a straight through free flow backbox its on the quiet side .dont get me wrong it has a nice sound to it but the volume just isnt loud enough.

    but in a straight line my little 135 out accelerated a 160 vvc with a tt exhaust much to the other drivers displeasure (ha ha)

    So yea im happy with performance disapointed with volume level but happy with the note of it .

    Think a k and n panel filter and a cold air feed from the side vent straight into airbox will be next on my mods list

  • CR41G replied to the topic 'few questions' in the forum.

    Got an annoying squeek in the interior think its the passenger door card rubbing on the rear plastic that the rear speakers are housed in bloody driving me mad having to turn stereo up so I cant here it

  • wendyej thanks user 'David Aiketgate' in the forum message ' Non starting problem'.

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