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  • Diesel Destroyer thanks user 'Fatbaldingoldgit' in the forum message ' DRL auto dim on indicators'.
  • Yampyman thanks user 'Rich in Vancouver' in the forum message ' MGF Radiator.'.
  • Yampyman thanks user 'bryan young' in the forum message ' MGF Radiator.'.
  • Fatbaldingoldgit replied to the topic 'How to fit LED Halo DRLs to my TF' in the forum.

    A quick follow up to this thread...just passed the MOT test with these DRLs....a clean pass, no advisories.... :D :D

  • Fatbaldingoldgit replied to the topic 'DRL auto dim on indicators' in the forum.

    A quick follow up to this thread...just passed the MOT test with these DRLs....a clean pass, no advisories.... :yesnod: :yesnod:

  • helsbyman replied to the topic 'Garage Labour Rates' in the forum.

    Yes garage rates are high and dealership rates are higher this is why I use my local mechanic as he knows MGs inside out and there is no VAT charged as he is to small so it works out to between £35- £45 and hour labour which I am happy to pay

  • Badger created a new topic ' Garage Labour Rates' in the forum.

    Having only had one key fob since owning the car I bought a new un-programmed fob with programming barcode (about a year ago) I was going to treat myself to a T300 programmer to do the programming task but could never find anyone who has done it successfully on the later Pektron BCU and fob.

    The other options were post it out with the current fob and BCU to have it done, this would mean taking the car off the road for a few days or a week while it was done and posted back. The problem with this is it’s now my daily drive as Judy uses the other car for work.

    I made a few enquires down here in Cornwall to get It done locally and after 2 wasted trips found out that they could only do the Lucas type (which I told them both before that it was a Pektron type not Lucas)

    i thought the last hope was to find a local MG Rover dealer with the T4 Testbook; the nearest was about 30 miles away R. C. Harding & Son in Mousehole, Penzance gave them a call and they said no problem, we can do it while you wait as it will take no more than half an hour. I asked for the price; £75 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No way am I paying £75 for half an hour’s work and by the time I have done 60 mile round trip + the VAT and I am supplying the new fob! not happy.

    When I checked on the internet garage labour rates I was quite shocked, I also spotted this on the This is Money website;

    In the end I have just bought and just fitted a second hand engine ECU, BCU, ignition switch reluctor coil and 2 key fobs all matched off an 05 TF from Wilmot’s for £89 inc VAT and postage.

    So I now have my 2 keys and fobs, plus the parts I took off that are all matched and working just in case I have any problems in the future.


  • Cobber replied to the topic 'Hello &Thanks!' in the forum.

    There is nothing practical about front wheel drive ............unless of course it's a practical joke! :lol:

  • cdmall01 replied to the topic 'Hello &Thanks!' in the forum.

    Haha, no i can guarantee i was not driving like a tool :hgf: , there was a policeman on the other side of the road to confirm that. We can have another at some point but she wanted a more practical (i.e. front wheel drive and more seats) car first. As soon as she passes her test I am having a TF back, but don't know how long that will be hence the selling of the roof.

  • Orphink thanks user 'David Aiketgate' in the forum message ' HELP!'.
  • Baytown replied to the topic 'Re:Wocha bin doin on your MG this week then?' in the forum.

    Thanks fellas.
    Hi Brian, thanks as well. Its great to have access to decent work shops at work even if the military mechanics can be a bit ham fisted!
    Its been so warm lately and Im so over the drone of the TT muffler on the highway each day that I put the hard top back on.
    Its good to have options.
    Best wishes fellas.

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  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'Paint Colour Codes.' in the forum.

    Moonshine and Aurora examples added.

  • Leigh Ping replied to the topic 'MGF Radiator.' in the forum.

    Rich in Vancouver wrote:

    Make sure you clamp the bottom rad hose under the car to prevent all of the water draining as per David A's how-to.
    That saves a lot of bleeding. :broon:

    Click click. :yesnod:

  • Leigh Ping thanks user 'Rich in Vancouver' in the forum message ' MGF Radiator.'.
  • Leigh Ping thanks user 'bryan young' in the forum message ' MGF Radiator.'.
  • David Aiketgate replied to the topic 'HELP!' in the forum.

    It's certainly possible to do your own, if you're handy with engines. Here is an excellent pdf HOW TO. You will need Adobe Reader or similar to read the file. It's for a vvc but everything else is the same. It discusses all the issues to be aware of..Finding why the HG failed is vital as simple replacement could result in it going again.

    I found it was much better to get Russell to do mine, by the time you buy all the bits and factor in your time and effort involved, it's a no-brainer to have MGRover solutions come and do it Plus you have a guarantee.

  • Leigh Ping replied to the topic 'My TF' in the forum.

    David Aiketgate wrote:

    A much better photo of the colour to add to my thread covering all the MGf/TF colours! If you're happy to be included?

    Paint colour codes

    Well done. You've made it! :woohoo:

  • Badger replied to the topic 'High Alternator Output' in the forum.

    Voltage check with Ignition off, meter set to DC leads connected across the battery, on a healthy battery 12 to 13 volts.

    Start the engine and the voltage will increase, you should never see more than 14.8 volts,

    If you are unsure about your voltmeter or an overvoltage from the regulator in the alternator then it's a 5 minute job for any garage.

    If you go somewhere where they sell batteries the test is normally free like Halfrauds (but they will want to sell you a new battery anyway!)

  • Badger replied to the topic 'Result of doodling on Ebay' in the forum.

    Sorry to hear about your very stressful event, I have had some dealings with the KV6 engine and think you have made the right decision to scrap it if it's been overheated at some point.

    The engine is very complex to work on and difficult to get to most of it. The all alloy engine is also a semi long bolt design with wet liners that are unsupported at the top very similar to the K series. Like the K series it's another engine that has a high failure rate of head gaskets.

    The engine was originally designed for the 800 series Rovers to replace the Honda units (not sure why they stopped fitting Honda as they were bomb proof) and the first generation of KV6's had massive overheat issues resulting in a lot of new engines being fitted under warranty.

    Obviously a lot of work went into rectifying some of the issues but I couldn't believe it when years later they started to fit them to the ZT's.

    I hope you recover some more cash with the wheels and tyres.


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