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  • Davem replied to the topic 'Cam Belt/Tensioner/Water Pump changing question' in the forum.

    I was not sure about doing this job either but like bluestreak I did my homework, printed and took my time. Access was not easy but a little mirror helped a lot. Also the printed diagrams helped me work out where the bolts etc should be. A magnet on a stick was well used to pick up dropped bolts. It all worked out OK in the end. With the confidence from doing that I later did a head gasket with a slow and steady attitude and that MGF is still purring. :woohoo: Saved a lot of money and gained a sense of achievement. :broon:
    If you decide to do it then you will get help here if needed. :yesnod:

  • Davem thanks user 'Sithmaull' in the forum message ' The all new Illuminated side vent 'how to guide''.
  • Davem replied to the topic 'So, I've finally given up on my F !' in the forum.

    Very nice. :yesnod: I need to buy some lottery tickets :yesnod:

  • Diesel Destroyer replied to the topic 'So, I've finally given up on my F !' in the forum.

    Did you pass GO and collect £200?



  • Fatbaldingoldgit replied to the topic 'So, I've finally given up on my F !' in the forum.

    Love the colour...

  • Sithmaull created a new topic ' Boot lid in solar red, good condition. Bristol.' in the forum.

    Boot lid for sale in solar red, good condition, a few small marks on the edge but no rust. Bought for my car but turns out mine is in flame red so this is now spare. Item is stored at parents garage in Temple cloud, Bristol. Boot lock removed before i bought it so ready to have yours fitted. £20.00 collection only.

  • bensewell replied to the topic 'The all new Illuminated side vent 'how to guide'' in the forum.

    Nice job

  • Diesel Destroyer thanks user 'KentJohn' in the forum message ' Exhausted!!'.
  • Diesel Destroyer replied to the topic 'Exhausted!!' in the forum.

    I had this custom built at Roar power in Birmingham (long life dealer) for 2/3's of what you've been quoted

    Full stainless with life long warranty..

    And it has variable volume control :woohoo:


  • thatone1967 replied to the topic 'Exhausted!!' in the forum.

    For a lot less than 600, you could have a Daytona!

  • thatone1967 uploaded a new Profile cover


  • thatone1967 created a new topic ' So, I've finally given up on my F !' in the forum.


    And bought a Tf.
    An unexpected financial windfall has meant that, rather than keeping my old F going, which has been "interesting" to say the least, I have been able to buy this beauty!

    Actually, in all seriousness, the F is not a bad car, and still has 6 months Mot on it, it's just the Tf is Soooo much nicer.
    It's Celestial Blue, 20 of 99 "born" on the 12th March 2003.

  • bryan young replied to the topic 'Exhausted!!' in the forum.

    Just read your post again, your so called ''helpful mechanic'' is talking utter rubbish, you can obtain exhaust parts for a TF from many suppliers on next day delivery, Brown & Gammons, MGOC, Rimmers, Sussex Classic Car Parts and many others as well as numerous suppliers of exhausts on ebay. Rogers MG need to get their act together too.

  • Sithmaull replied to the topic 'The all new Illuminated side vent 'how to guide'' in the forum.

    Job done, looks better then in the pic though.

    [File Attachment: IMG_2559.jpg]

  • Sithmaull created a new topic ' The all new Illuminated side vent 'how to guide'' in the forum.

    Hello & welcome to my 'how to' guide.

    This guide will show you how to add illuminated side intake vents to your mgf/tf which look great at night.

    There are three different ways to do this depending on the outcome you desire.

    Method 1: wire to sidelights, this will allow you to have them illuminated constantly when your lights are on, police may not like this option so i have to say this is for off road use only.

    Method 2: Wire to interior mirror, this will allow the illumination when the car is unlocked and will extinguish when the interior mirror lights do.

    Method 3: (method shown and the easiest) Wire to footwell lights, this will illuminate when the footwell lights come on and will fade out when the footwell lights go out.

    Working on Method 3, heres the step by step guide to fitting.

    Tools you will need...

    2 x 5cm 3 LED waterproof strip lights. (£2.75 Free P+P on ebay) Choice of colours avaliable so pick your favourite.
    1 x good length of speaker or 12v wire, 5m should be ample.
    male and female bullet or spade connectors (£2 for 50 on ebay)
    wire stripping & crimping tool (can use a knife and pliers though).
    philips screwdriver
    small flatblade screwdriver
    drill or other method of creating a small hole, screwdriver will work as your only cutting through thin plastic.

    Time to complete, depends on how fast you work but i took about 30 mins to do both sides.

    Heres what the led strip lights look like, i choose red and they come with about 12cm of wire on which is plenty to work with. They should come with 3m double sided tape on the rear to attach to vent. Total size of strip ex wire is 4cm x 1cm, they are also very flexible so will bend around curves.

    [File Attachment: led_2014-09-30.jpg]

    [File Attachment: KGrHqRjFBuH5eh3BQnBnnZB5w60_12.jpg]

    Step 1
    Pull down hood and remove footwell light cover, strip one end of the wire you bought and twist. unplug the footwell light and slide one wire into each of the footwell light connectors and put back together. Shoud look like this...

    [File Attachment: IMG_2554.jpg]

    Step 2
    Reassemble footwell light and begin to run the wire under the carpet either under the centre console or around the outside of the carpet along the door, you just need to get the wire behind the seat so its upto you which method you choose. Pull seat forward and wind the seat back forward to give you more room to work.

    Step 3
    Remove side vents, its 2 philips screws to remove the vent cover then a further 3 inside to remove the inner tube, theres anoter further tube inside this that you need to remove but it just pretty much falls out. Remeber how this all goes back together.

    [File Attachment: IMG_2549.jpg]

    Step 4
    Pull away the carpet from the frame behind the seat, there will be plastic lugs holding it in place, you just need to access the one about half way up. Using your flatblade screwdriver push through the inside of the white plastic clip and wiggle around a bit allowing you to get the wire through. Push all of your excess wire through, if you put your hand inside the vent you should be able to grab the wire and pull it out. Reassemble carpet and replace seat to original position.

    [File Attachment: IMG_2553.jpg]

    Step 5
    Create a small hole on the first piece of trim inside the vent at the top, clean the plastic vent and attach the led light facing down, push wire through the hole and attach bullet connectors, this is where the wire criming tool comes in handy but you can use pliers to just crush the end of the connector, a little tug should ensure its a good connection. Do the same with the exposed wire now coming from the vent itself.

    [File Attachment: IMG_2551.jpg]

    Step 6
    Attach the connectors toghether and open the door to allow the footwell lights to come on, this should also make the leds illuminate, if they dont then simply swap the wires over at the connectors and this should cure the problem.
    [File Attachment: IMG_2552.jpg]

    [File Attachment: IMG_2550.jpg]

    Step 7
    Put vent back together and tuck excess wire into the vent, you can cut the excess off before attaching the connectors but i left it on just incase. Now all you have to do is wait for night time and admire your handy work.

  • bryan young replied to the topic 'Exhausted!!' in the forum.

    I was going to say exactly what has already been posted, I would suspect that it is the flexible part of the front pipe, which is a common failure. all parts can be sourced separately , there is no way that this should cost anywhere near £600.

  • Sithmaull thanks user 'Forrester' in the forum message ' How has mg changed your life?'.
  • Sithmaull thanks user 'mgtfbluestreak' in the forum message ' How has mg changed your life?'.

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