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  • John and Sue replied to the topic 'Eeeekk' in the forum.

    Jeez, I know that mould and stuff grows quick, but wooooo. That is some heavy duty glop for a months growth.

    I think that perhaps an Evil Lifeform is at large in your car. :yesnod:

    And that stuff is its demon seed. :whistle:

    Then again, it's probably just mould...

  • Leigh Ping thanks user 'bacchus' in the forum message ' Eeeekk'.
  • Leigh Ping replied to the topic 'Eeeekk' in the forum.

    Well for once, at least we have the 'before pics'. :lol:

  • tomijon shared 2 photos in the tomijon's Photos album

  • John and Sue replied to the topic 'Eeeekk' in the forum.

    Shit, man! :omg:

    That looks like summat off of the set of Alien!

    Happy scrubbing. :broon:

  • John and Sue replied to the topic 'That awful moment when.......' in the forum.

    Good outcome. :broon:

    Spoilt my forecourt Funtime though!

  • Davem replied to the topic 'That awful moment when.......' in the forum.

    :broon: :broon:

  • Rockyforeshore replied to the topic 'Urgent help required' in the forum.

    I'm in the same boat my friend, different garage though, waiting to hear from Russell, I'm in Notts nr Clumber park, so he could get us both done!

  • Rockyforeshore thanks user 'idrawcad' in the forum message ' That awful moment when.......'.
  • idrawcad replied to the topic 'That awful moment when.......' in the forum.

    Well done for battling on. It pays off in the end!

  • Rockyforeshore replied to the topic 'That awful moment when.......' in the forum.

    Well, after a couple of days of tactical messaging/phoning/emailing I believe I've got the best outcome.
    He's agreed to pay me £300 as a final settlement, and we move on and get on with our lives. By rights I had to give him every opportunity to fix the car, but I most certainly didn't want that to happen as I believe he would bodge it, Again.
    I said I wanted to witness the car in a dismantled state so that I could see the condition of the head/gasket etc or, equally I would be happy for an indipendant garage to carry out the work so long as he contributed £300 towards the cost. Result.
    Thanks again to all of you for your input, and John&Sue....great idea about forwarding the dealer review site (s)..... I reckon that may have had an impact.
    All I need now is for Russell to get in touch......

  • Bugsy created a new topic ' classic car racing oulton park this sat' in the forum.

    hi guys just to let you no that a day of classic car racing this saturday featuring many classic marks and models normaly including many mg products on the tarmac ill be parked at lodge if anyone wants to attend car parked behind granstand

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  • Denial replied to the topic 'TF replacement...' in the forum.

    Not the first time this has been discussed, the last information anyone heard was this article published in July, and even in this they are talking about 2020:

  • pgew created a new topic ' TF replacement...' in the forum.

    Since the MX5 replacement has been announced for 2015 - it's about time TF fans put their Yes votes down for a TF replacement - designed and engineered in England and inevitably made in China. What advice can we offer to MG UK so that they beat the new MX5 and return MG to the top? Let's put together an ideal spec for MG fans and the rest so the TF replacement will be a winner - what is our Top Ten points for the Chinese owners to bear in mind as they design the new MG sports car?

  • John and Sue thanks user 'cairnsys' in the forum message ' Tyres'.
  • John and Sue replied to the topic 'Tyres' in the forum.

    I suspected that they may be a fairly soft compound by the way they grip.

  • cairnsys replied to the topic 'Tyres' in the forum.

    John and Sue wrote:

    Soz, should have been a bit clearer: running Proxes on the MG with loads of life left and v happy with them.

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried them (Bridgestone Turanza directional) on an F or a TF. Certainly impressive on the old IKEA-Mobile grip wise :broon:

    I tried Turanzas on the wife's bmw 3 series and they wore out in about 11k - all four! She's not a fast driver and other tyres, Continental in particular lasted a lot longer, round about 15k on the back and 20k on the front.

    It'll be interesting to see how yours work out on the Volvo John.

  • tjdonc created a new topic ' Classics Race Day' in the forum.

    Hiya Guys, just ordered my tickets for this years Castle Combe Classics Race Day on Sunday Oct. 5th, just wondered if anyone fancies a meet there before weather starts getting a bit 'iffy' ? :drive: :drive:
    Tickets only £15 for a full day of practices and races with various marques and ages.

  • Branchman thanks user 'midlife martyr' in the forum message ' Urgent help required'.

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